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in behalf on behalf difference

In behalf of or On behalf of difference

// Similar expressions, but they have a slightly different meaning. On behalf of someone  in the name of someone (representing someone) Example: Don’t worry on my behalf....
email marketing terms - vocabulary

Sample Email to Senior Management 😎✉️✅

HERE IS A SAMPLE EMAIL TO SENIOR MANAGEMENT: Subject: Special Request for Attendance to Quarterly Meeting Dear Chairman Robinson, I am writing on behalf of the Product...
Property Sales Contract

Property Sales Contract [English for Salespeople]

Property Sales Contracts are documents that legally describe the terms and conditions of an exchange of land, buildings or another type of property from...

what is okay short for?

what is okay short for?Okay is not an abbreviation, so there is nothing that the word is short for. However, you could write OK. The...
How to Encourage Someone to do something

How to Encourage Someone to do something?

I remember my parents would use many different phrases when I was a child to encourage me to do something. This was so important...
How to write an Invitation Letter

How to write an Invitation Letter?

I love receiving invitations, but writing an invitation can seem like a difficult task.  It doesn’t have to be. In this post, we’ll discuss...
English for Customer Care › Customer Service Communication

English for Customer Care › Customer Service Communication

Today we will look at English for Customer Care Service. We hope these phrases help you when you have to call Customer care. Skype English...
Donation Request! How to ask for Donations

Donation Request! How to ask for Donations?

Donations are monetary gifts given to a person or organization to help them accomplish a task or purpose. Donations can be asked for in many...

What does a ‘turning point’ mean?

What does a 'turning point' mean?The noun ‘turning point’ is used to refer to a decisive moment or a significant event that changes what...
Thank You

6 Thank You Letter Templates: Thank You Letter for Scholarship, for Donation, after an...

Do you need to write a thank you letter to a sponsor? Not sure what to say? This article will give you examples of a...