6 Thank You Letter Templates: Thank You Letter for Scholarship, for Donation, after an Event


Do you need to write a thank you letter to a sponsor? Not sure what to say?

This article will give you examples of a thank you letter you can use next time you need to write one.

Thank You Letter to a Sponsor After an Event

To (Name of Sponsor)

On behalf of (your Organization’s Name), we would like to tell you how incredibly grateful; we are for your support and generosity regarding last weeks event.

It was a very successful event that resulted in increased awareness of our services and increased membership signups by 70%!

To show our gratitude, please accept the gift basket we have sent to you along with this letter. We value your ongoing support and sponsorship and look forward to seeing you at next months members meeting for some exciting new announcements about future changes that you helped bring about.

Kind Regards
Your Name and Position
Your Organizations Name

Thank You Letter For Scholarship

To (Name of Sponsor)

It was with great surprise and much joy that I received your generous sponsorship to a full scholarship at the Harvard University.

This sponsored scholarship is a once in a lifetime opportunity which will completely change my life. I intend to use this opportunity to the full and become the best that I can be. By doing my best, I hope to reflect well upon those who have given me this unique opportunity.

Once I have successfully passed all the tests and completed the training I look forward to inviting you to my graduation to express my appreciation for all that you have done.

With great appreciation
Yours truly

Thank You Letter To Sponsors For A Fundraiser

To (Name of Sponsor)

Thank you so much for your generous donations at our annual fundraiser last week. We succeeded and even surpassed our goal of raising $150,000!

Your donations will be used to build new schools and provide education for millions of young people in countries that don’t have the funds or resources to provide even the most basic of education.

Every month we update our sponsors with an email sent to your registered email address. The email will show you how your donations are being used and having a beneficial effect on these young people.

Along with our letter, we have enclosed a photo of the young people standing outside their newly completed school house thanking you for your generous donation.

Without your contribution none of this would have been possible, so please remember, your ongoing support is vital and much appreciated by us here at (name of Organization).

With much gratitude
Your Name and Position
Your Organizations Name

Thank You Letter To Sponsors Of A Conference

To (Name of Sponsor)

On behalf of (name of Organization), I want to express our gratitude for your sponsorship at the Conference this past Sunday.

Having reviewed the attendance figures and other results, I am proud to say that we had a total attendance of 4973 people.

Of those 4973 in attendance, 3481 filled out the survey provided and said the conference had exceeded their expectations.

We had sufficient refreshments on hand, which featured your companies brand/logo on the packaging used and was featured prominently around the auditorium. We hope that this also results in increased business for you too.

Your ongoing sponsorship is most valuable to us, and we look forward to working together again at our next conference in Europe next month. Please find enclosed 20 free, all-inclusive passes for your management and staff who would like to attend.

Sincere regards
Your Name and Position
Your Organizations Name

Thank You Letter To Sponsors of a Golf Tournament

To (Name of Sponsor)

All of us here at (Golf Club name) want to thank you for your sponsorship of last weeks Golf Tournament; we have seen a significant increase in membership sign ups and inquiries at our club. Further, many of these new members are buying large amounts of your products from our clubhouse store.

The results of the tournament was a surprise to everyone when a young wild-card entry, Jonathon Scott, won the event over the crowd favorite to win, Adam Sanders. His unexpected victory resulted in further publicity of the Tournament, the local newspaper, and various online sports websites covering the event; all of them used the Tournament Advertising that featured your logo as a sponsor. We trust that this has also been of benefit to your company.

Your sponsorship of the Golf Tournament was an unparalleled success, and we hope to repeat the event with your help again next year. Please accept our gift to you included with this letter as a sign of our appreciation for all the support you gave us and we look forward to teaming up again in the future with you.

With great appreciation

Golf Club Name

Thank You Letter For Donation

Dear (Name of Sponsor)

We were moved to write and thank you for your generous support for the (name) charity.

Thanks to your sponsorship over the last six months, we have been able to collect hundreds of blankets, toothbrushes and other necessary items for the homeless people our charity helps.

If the support we have received recently continues, very soon, we hope to be able to provide some homeless individuals with a bed in a secure place to stay at night, off the streets. It is crucial with a cold winter expected just around the corner.

Your ongoing sponsorship of our charity is very much appreciated and is most important to us and those whom it benefits. Please find enclosed a greeting, thank you card and photo from some of the people your sponsorship has helped.

We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kind Regards
Position Name
Charity Name

If one of these letters does not work for you, then write your letter using the same ideas.

  • An acknowledgment of what the Sponsor did.
  • The good things that happened as a result in the past, present or
  • A sincere thank you for the support both previously and in the future.
  • A gift of some type is also quite common too.

Will these example letters help you write your own Thank You letter to a sponsor? Then leave us a comment below. Remember to check out our other great articles on the website too!

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5 years ago

am asking for formal letter from organization to donor to rework again and fund them again please can you help me by some templates