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wait for, wait on, wait in

Meaning of Wait + Difference Between Wait For, Wait In and Wait On

1. Stay where you are, do nothing: - She put the food in the microwave and waited. - The postman rang the bell, and then he...
Affect vs Effect

Affect vs Effect 💨☀️ Quick Explanation with 21 Amazing Examples

https://youtu.be/7xdvn74iFs8   The difference between Affect vs Effect!  Affect meaning is a verb meaning the following: 1. Produce a change in somebody/something. To have an influence on somebody/something. Affect in a sentence ...

Online Dictionaries to Instantly Simplify Your English Learning Process

Here are a list of the greatest online dictionaries on the net we use here at MyEnglishTeacher.eu. These dictionaries are interactive with images, thesaurus...

Whoever vs Whomever. Quick and Easy Tips!

The use of whoever and whomever depends on the pronoun's function in the sentence. Whoever stands in the subject position, while whomever is an...

Ensure vs Insure ››› Short Explanation with Simple Examples

Let me show you quickly what's the difference between ensure vs insure. Ensure to make sure that something is definite and/or it will happen, to guarantee...
blogging terms in english

100 + Travel Words explained 🛫🏝❤️ Best Free Lesson

You can jump to any section of this article: Booking a Holiday Packing Travelling to Your Destination Arriving at Your Destination Activities Places to...

The Ultimate Guide on How to Learn English Every Day

Do you often feel like you don’t have enough time to study? Learning English can seem like a huge task, and most of us...

8 English Learning Websites You Need to Become Proficient in English

Browsing Google is not enough to find the best English learning websites on the net. Google usually brings you the same websites you've already...

Further vs Farther. Commonly Confused English Words with 12 Examples

“Farther relates to definition, further is a definition of degree.” Finding Forrester Is it always so simple to work out when to use these two...
How to Improve Your English Speaking and Writing Skills

How to Improve English Speaking and Writing Skills

To get the most out of your speaking and writing skills you will need to practise - a lot. In this blog post, I...