11 Most Common Synonyms for Consistent



Means that something is done or said in the same way over time. It means that something does not change. This usually refers to how a noun behaves. It is often used as a way to describe someone or something’s behavior.

  • His story was not consistent, last week he said something completely different.
  • His consistent play is the reason why he won the match.

Here are some synonyms for consistent.

1. Constant

Refers to something that happens or appears continuously over a period of time. It is often used as an adverb (constantly)

  • The one thing that is constant, is that your room is always dirty.
  • I am constantly asking you to clean your room.

It also refers to someone who is dependable and does not change.

  • He has been a constant figure in my life, and I am grateful for that.

It also refers to a situation that has not changed.

  • The poor relationship between the two countries has remained constant over the past two decades.

2. Regular

Means that something is made in a pattern or in a consistent or constant manner.

  • It’s important to eat vegetables regularly.
  • We should talk at regular intervals, how about every Monday?

It can also mean that the same thing happens frequently.

  • It seems that in some places violence happens on a regular basis.

Regular also refers to doing something in an established or standard way.

  • Our company is a disrupter, so we don’t always follow the regular ways of doing business.

3. Uniform 

Is something that doesn’t change. It’s the same all the time. This word is often used to refer to clothes that those belonging to a certain group or organization have to wear. In this case all of the uniforms are the same for everyone in the organization.

  • The toiletries in the hotel should be uniform for every room.
  • The kids have to wear a uniform to school.

4. Stable

Means that something or someone is not likely to change, and is firmly fixed. A structure, or other noun can be stable. This is a term often associated with markets and economies. It is a term also used to describe a patient’s medical condition.

  • The sugar market has been stable for a long time and we hope this stability will continue well into the future.
  • We have to make sure her heart is stable before we can operate.
  • It’s important that the structure is stable and can withstand heavy wind.

5. Steady 

Means that something is controlled, firmly fixed and reliable.

  • The dog held a steady gaze with the man, he never looked away.
  • She has proven to be a steady partner over the last few years.

It also means that something is regular or continuous, or happend at a similar pace or speed. This is often used in statistics when talking about a data point going up or down.

  • There has been a steady decline in the city’s crime rate.

Stable can also mean that someone’s mood is consistent and is not easily interrupted.

  • Despite facing many hardships, his good attitude was always stable.

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6. Unchanging

Means to be the same.

  • Even Though what she said was mean, my feelings towards her are unchanging.

7. Undeviating 

Means to be constant or steady.

  • My opinions on the situation have been undeviating, and they will remain so regardless of any new evidence that is found.

8. Unfluctuating 

Means that something does not change.

  • The public has been unfluctuating in their support despite the difficult economic situation.

8. Dependable 

Means that someone or something is reliable. It means that you know how it will respond because it has been doing so for a long period of time. Something that is dependable is able to be trusted.

  • My car has been dependable for 10 years, I will keep it until it quits on me. 

9. Reliable

Refers to something that doesn’t change and is trustworthy. It usually gives a good quality performance. It is often used with nouns. Reliable and dependable are words that are often used with machines.

  • Our copy machine is not reliable, it breaks all the time.

10. Predictable

Means that something is able to be predicted or that someone is able to reasonably guess what will happen next, usually because there is a pattern.

  • His behavior is so predictable, he does the same thing every time this happens.

11. Even

Can mean that something is equally balanced, has little variation. This can refer to numbers (even and odd)

  • The students are going to be put in pairs, so we need to make sure we have an even number.
  • The boat sailed at an even pace, ensuring that it would arrive on time.

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