16 Most Common Synonyms for Together



Has two definitions. The first definition is when two or more things, people, organizations (nouns) are with or next to each other.

  • We have been working together for 10 years.
  • The two boys walked into the meeting together.

There are many other words and phrases that can be used to say this.

1. With each other

Refers to separate people, organizations, or members of a group do something together or as a group.

  • My mom and I went shopping with each other.
  • The kids refused to do anything with each other.

2. In conjunction 

Means together or with. It often refers to things being done together or at the same time.

  • The two schools are doing the tests in conjunction with each other.
  • I am working in conjunction with the government to help resolve this issue.

3. Jointly or Joint 

Means to do something with another or for two or more organizations to do something together.

  • The two countries perform joint military exercises.
  • The science project was done jointly by two students.

4. In cooperation

Refers to working together to achieve the same goal.

  • The two teams will work in cooperation to help improve the city.
  • I worked in close cooperation with experts when making this presentation.

5. In collaboration

Refers to the act of working with another entity in order to reach a common goal . The entity could be a person, organization, or a group.

  • Since we’re a team, we are working in collaboration with each other.
  • It’s important that a bride and groom work in collaboration in planning their wedding.

6. In partnership

Is an association of two or more people or groups who work as together. In a partnership the two entities can be equal partners, or one partner can carry the majority of the responsibility. It doesn’t matter as long as they are working together.

  • I’m looking forward to working in partnership with you.
  • The two schools are working in partnership with each other as sister schools.

In partnership also refers to two or more people working together to run a business or organization.

  • After our meeting who chose to work in partnership and start a company together.

7. In combination 

Refers to a joining or merging of two different things. It can be used to talk about many different things, including people, food, and organizations.

  • The flavor of the meal was amazing, all of the flavors worked in combination to make the most incredible chicken I’ve ever tasted.
  • I would like to work in combination with the staff from the hotel in order to make sure that the event goes smoothly.

8. In league

Means to conspire or cooperate with someone or a group. This is often in reference to working together in a negative way, but it doesn’t have to be used in that way.

  • The police found out that the two thieves were in league together.
  • He tried to get someone to work in league with him, but no one wanted to take that risk.

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9. In tandem 

Means people, organizations, or groups who work alongside, with, together.

  • It is important for the members of the orchestra to work in tandem with each other.
  • The graphic design department is all working in tandem to finish the project by the deadline.

10. Side by Side/ shoulder to shoulder 

Refers to two or more people or things close together or facing the same way.

  • The two buildings were side by side.
  • The siblings stood side by side in the family photo.

11. Hand in hand

Refers to two people holding hands, usually in a way to show affection. It can also refer to two or more entities working closely together.

  • The two walked hand in hand down the street.
  • There’s a lot of coordination involved with this project and that means we have to work hand in hand.

12. Together 

Also has a second meaning. It can mean at the same time.

  • The members of the chorus sung together.
  • We jumped in the pool together.

13. Simultaneously

Also means at the same time.

  • For the first time Saturday Night Live was shown simultaneously throughout the entire country.
  • In order to get the machine to work, you have to push the two buttons simultaneously.

14. Unison

Means to do or say something at the same time.

  • Synchronized swimmers perform acrobatics and swim in the water in unison.
  • The soldiers walked in unison.

15. In concert

Means that something is done jointly.

  • The two departments made the decision in concert with each other.
  • I’m working in concert with my siblings to plan my parents anniversary celebration.

16. In chorus

Means something is done together and at the same time.

  • When performing the poem the children spoke in chorus.
  • It seems like they all rehearsed their stories, when asked about their whereabouts they all spoke in chorus.

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