13 Most Common Synonyms for Talk



Means to speak, to give information or ideas, verbally express feelings, or to communicate.

  • I’d like to talk to you about your plans for next month.
  • Can we talk later today?

Talk is used often in the English language. There are many other words with a similar meaning, here are some of the most commonly used.

1. Speak

Means to say something in order to convey some information. In this way it can be used in the same way as talk and they are interchangeable when they are being used as an action (verb).

  • I don’t want to speak to you anymore.
  • When was the last time you spoke to her?

2. Chat

Refers to two or more people speaking in a way that is informal and usually friendly. This is often said between two people to refer to a conversation that is somewhat light hearted.

Although, it can also be used to make a more serious conversation seem a little bit lighter. It brings down the temperature a little bit.

  • It was great chatting with you, I’ll see you later.
  • Let’s chat about what happened this morning.

3. Chatter

Usually refers to one of two things. First it can mean incessant ( a lot of) talking about something trivial, or something that doesn’t matter. It is also often used to refer to talking between criminal groups that law enforcement is interested in and listening to.

For example this could be conversations between people in a terrorist cell, or conversations between crime families.

  • I’m so tired of listening to her chatter.
  • We’re hearing a lot of chatter between members of this criminal group.

4. Gossip

Refers to a conversation between two more more people about someone else. It’s usual casual conversation and it may or may not be based in fact. Gossip usually comes from rumors.

  • I don’t want to gossip,but did you hear what happened to John?
  • Stop gossiping about your classmates, you wouldn’t like it if they started talking about you.

5. Prattle

Means to talk for a long time about something that doesn’t matter.

  • He is constantly prattling on and on about his injury.
  • Please stop prattling, I can’t take it anymore.

6. Express

Means to share, convey, or communicate how someone feels about something. When something is expressed the feelings about the subject are made clear. 

  • I’d like to express my condolences for your loss.
  • If you really feel that way, you should express it to him.

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7. Articulate

Refers to someone being able to speak or communicate in a very clear way, that is easily understood. Someone who is able to articulate well  is someone who is well spoken.

They may be a public speaker, or someone who is just very good at communicating their thoughts.

  • I want to learn how to articulate my thoughts better.
  • You have to articulate what you’d like me to do better, it’s unclear right now.

8. Verbalize 

Means to express one’s ideas or thoughts. When something is verbalized it is spoken.

  • I would like to verbalize how I feel about the situation.
  • Can you verbalize what you want to say, instead of writing it?

9. Converse 

Means to have a conversation.

  • Even though we don’t always agree, we’re always able to converse.
  • We’ve been conversing for hours.

10. Confer 

As a synonym to talk means to have a discussion and to exchange viewpoints.

  • Let’s do some research and confer tomorrow about what we think we should do.
  • I would like to get your opinion on the situation, can we confer on Monday.

11. Parley

Means for two groups on opposite sides of an issue to come together and try to reach an agreement. A parley is very much like a negotiation.

  • We’re deciding what we want to achieve from the parley that will be held tomorrow.
  • Since we can’t seem to agree, I think we should meet and have a parley.

There’s another definition for talk. It can also mean to have a conversation.

  • Let’s have a talk tomorrow.
  • I’d like to have a talk with you and Billy.

Here are some synonyms for this form of talk.

12. Conversation

Refers to two or more people talking.

  • We’re going to have a conversation later this week.
  • Do you want to have a conversation?

13. Discussion

Means to have a conversation. It’s usually about something that needs to be resolved. It doesn’t mean there’s an argument or something wrong, it just means something needs a solution.

  • I think it’ll be easier if we have a discussion in person.
  • Thanks for meeting me to have this discussion.

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