Eat like a Horse Meaning


Have you ever seen a pie-eating contest? This is how it works. Each person has a pie, and they have to eat the pie as fast as they can with no hands.

Pie eating contest

The contestant’s hands are tied behind their back, and they can only eat with their mouths. The first person to finish the whole pie, crusts and all is the winner.

Now have you ever seen a horse eat a bucket of oats? Looks pretty much the same! This phrase has been used since the 1700s, and it comes from the understanding that horses will eat until they make themselves sick.

Eat Like a Horse Meaning

When we use this phrase, eat like a horse, we are saying someone eats a lot, maybe too much.

Examples of Eat like a Horse

  • Amazingly, he is so thin, yet he eats like a horse.
  • Bob is coming for dinner, we better cook a couple of extra steaks as he eats like a horse.
  • She eats like a horse.
  • My boyfriend ate like a horse at dinner.

Eat Like a Horse Dialog

Herman: Hey Jackie, I am having a party on Thursday and I want to invite you and your family.

Jackie: Hi Herman, absolutely! We would love to come.

Herman: Great. It is a BBQ and we are going to feast! 

Jackie: What can we bring?

Herman: Nothing, just your appetites.

Jackie: Ok, are you sure. You know we have Bill and my two teenage sons, and they all eat like horses!

Herman: No problem. We will make sure there is enough food, I will go shopping again. Haha.

Jackie: Ok, well I am still going to bring some potato salad.

Eat Like a Horse Synonyms

  • Binge
  • Devour
  • Overeat
  • Overindulge
  • Gluttony
  • Gorge

Other Phrases Related to Eat like a Horse

Tuck in – to eat with enthusiasm

  • He was so hungry and he tucked in his dinner.

Eat to excess – when we use this phrase, we are saying that someone eats more than they should.

  • You should never eat to excess, you better eat like a bird.

Pack it away – we use this phrase to say that someone can eat a lot of food in a short time.

  • I went to a buffet, and I packed it away and got my money worth!

Put away – in the context of eating like a horse, we are saying that someone can eat a lot of food.

  • Marcos can really put away the beer, I don’t know how he finds room. It is like he has a bottomless pit!

Plow through – when we use to plow through in the context of eating like a horse. It means that someone is eating a large meal very quickly.

  • I was hungry and in a hurry to get back to work, so I plowed through my lunch.

Eat up – we use this phrase to say or tell someone to eat all of their food.

  • I was so hungry I ate up all the Turkey and then 3 pieces of pie.

Polish off – when we eat a large amount of food and do it quickly, we say we polished it off.

  • I couldn’t believe it, Fred polished off the whole cake and then had some pie.

Idioms related to Eat like a Horse

Gobble down – to eat a large amount of food very quickly. To eat greedily and in a large amount.

Scarf down – when you eat your food very fast and often without chewing it, we say you scarf your food down.

Shovel it in – when people eat their food very quickly and in a large amount.

Stuff oneself – when a person eats so much that they are overfull.

Wolf down – when people eat their food in large bites, generally not chewing it, and very quickly, we say they wolf their food down.

Stuff one’s face – to eat so much food and so quickly that you can’t swallow and your cheeks stay full of food.

Make a pig of – when you eat more food than you should, we say someone makes a pig of themselves.

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