AFK Meaning in Gaming Among Us


What Does AFK Mean?

AFK (or A.F.K.) is an abbreviated term that means: Away From Keyboard

It’s an abbreviation saying you are away and you are not paying attention for a period of time.

Online Gaming Community

Using this term, you can let other players know that you will be temporarily unavailable online or away from your computer.

Players using the abbreviation “AFK” in a chat conversation or in a video game will show your teammates that you are taking a break from the computer.

It’s often used with the abbreviation BRB, which stands for “be right back,” saying that you’re going to take a short break.

AFK Meaning in “Among Us” Game

AFK term is commonly used in in the Among Us community to describe a player’s when they are not actively engaged in the game. This could be because the player has put down their phone or game.

It’s not hard to recognize an AFK gamer because they rarely move around. On the other hand, frauds who want to pretend to do something sometimes park and wait for their chance. As a cover story, frauds may say they were AFK while actually stalking potential victims or scoping out the environment.

Time and Origin

In the 1990s, when Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was at its peak, the phrase “AFK” developed as a part of a casual chat conversation. Its use eventually spread throughout the gaming industry, particularly in massively multiplayer online games.

Conversation Example

I’ll be AFK until tomorrow’s test.

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