What does SOS mean? SOS meaning with examples

what does sos mean

What does SOS mean?

You may hear SOS throughout the day, maybe in music, casual conversation, or in a work meeting. It’s a widely used expression with a strong meaning.

In short, “SOS” means “help.”

Originally, SOS was a distress signal in Morse code for seamen. Each letter was represented by a code. In this case, SOS equaled (…—…) in Morse code. It meant the seamen creating the SOS signal were in distress and/or in need of help.

What does SMH mean?

What does SMH mean?
What does SMH mean?

Eventually, over time, it became the international distress signal. This was so there wouldn’t be any confusion if a ship of another language came across seamen who needed help but had a different word or code signal for help.

Overtime, SOS spilled over into our everyday language as a way of describing when we’re in a time of distress or in need of help.

Examples of SOS in a sentence:

  • The ship put out an SOS signal to be rescued.
  • I mentally cried out an SOS once I realized the math test was today.
  • The base received an SOS signal from its military soldiers.
  • The family created an SOS Kickstart to raise money for their son’s medical expenses.
  • I made an SOS call to my mom because I had completely forgotten the recipe to her famous cookies.
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