Insurrection Meaning. Insurrection Translation and Synonyms!


What does the word Insurrection mean?

Insurrection is a noun that means..

A group of people organizely try to defeat their government and take control of their country violently. This group of people try to remove current leader from their office’s seat. They are rising up against the current authority.

Insurrection means violent uprising, armed assault, or strong revolt against authority or government. Violence is part of an insurrection, and there is no way to avoid it. That is why there are different types of protests. Peaceful protests and non-violent revolutions have happened, so insurrections are not the only ways to achieve something. 

Insurrection Translation and Synonyms 

Insurrection meaningInsurrection SynonymsInsurrection SynonymsInsurrection SynonymsInsurrection Synonyms
Insurrection in Englishuk flagInsurrectionuprisingrebellionrevoltriot
Insurrection in Frenchfrance flaginsurrectionl’insurrectionsoulèvement
Insurrection in Spanishspain flaginsurreccióninsurgenciasublevaciónlevantamientorebelión
Insurrection in Italianitaly flaginsurrezionerivoltasollevazione
Insurrection in Germangermany flagAufruhrAufstandAuflehnung
Insurrection in Russianrussian flagвосстаниебунтмятеж
Insurrection in Portugueseportugal flaginsurreição
Insurrection in Japanesejapan flag反乱叛乱謀反はんらん
Insurrection in Chinesechina flag叛乱暴动起义暴乱
Insurrection in Polishpoland flagPowstanieinsurekcja

Example Sentences with Insurrection

Example Sentences with InsurrectionExample Sentences with Insurrection
Englishuk flagThe insurrection led to the removal of the dictator.The rising was suppressed at the very beginning.
Frenchfrance flagL’insurrection a provoqué le renversement du dictateur.Le soulèvement a été réprimé au tout début.
Spanishspain flagLa insurrección llevó a la eliminación del dictador.La subida fue suprimida al principio.
Italianitaly flagL’insurrezione portò alla rimozione del dittatore.L’ascesa è stata soppressa all’inizio.
Germangermany flagDer Aufstand führte zur Absetzung des Diktators.Der Aufstand wurde gleich zu Beginn unterdrückt.
Russianrussian flagВосстание привело к отстранению диктатора.Восстание было подавлено ещё в самом начале.
Portugueseportugal flagA insurreição levou à remoção do ditador.A subida foi suprimida logo no início.
Japanesejapan flag反乱により独裁者が解任された。序盤の立ち上がりは抑えられていました。
Chinesechina flag起义导致了独裁者的下台。崛起之初就被压制。
Polishpoland flagPowstanie doprowadziło do usunięcia dyktatora.Powstanie zostało stłumione na samym początku.

While the meaning of insurrection is quite simple, in different contexts it can be rather complex. It is because of the contexts and possible uses of insurrection that it is such a popular word today.

Because of this, I think it’s important we go over some uses and contexts of insurrection. 

First, insurrection does not have a positive meaning. We can use the example of the French Revolution, and the storming of the Bastille. The reason why it’s a revolution and not an insurrection is because the goal was a positive one. 

However, the losing side of the French Revolution would call it an insurrection. This is because the revolution was against them, so they wanted to point out that it was violent. 

We can see something similar today (2021). Two sides who are discussing the violence at the Capitol in Washington D.C. 

The Democrats are calling it an insurrection, while the Republicans call it a revolution.

When using insurrection, be careful with what you want to say, and who you want to say it to. Each side will have a different opinion on what happened, how, and why. 

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