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The word “sheer” means thin and transparent. It can be used as an adjective or noun, and it can also be used with other words to create phrases that mean the same thing. For example:

I like your sheer shirt.

Sheer is a very popular word, as there are several ways you can use it in your writing:

Sheer Size Definition

If you’ve never heard of sheer size, it’s a measurement that describes the amount of light that can pass through a fabric. This is important to know because some fabrics are considered sheer by nature (like silk) while others are made with thin layers or mesh that allow air to pass through them more easily.

The weight of your clothes will also affect how much air they allow through their stitching and seams; therefore, if you want to wear something lighter than usual for an event—or even just for everyday wear—you should look for clothes with higher sheers compared to other brands/styles on the market.


The word sheer is a noun that means ‘thin or transparent’. It usually refers to cloth, but can also be used as an adjective meaning “barely there” or “very lightweight”.

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