Set Fire to the Rain Meaning!


“Set fire to the rain” is a lyric from the chorus of the singer Adele’s song “Set fire to the rain”.

This song is all about freeing yourself from an unstable or toxic relationship, a relationship that is doing more harm than good. It is about liberation, how to deal with a breakup and trying to move on after the relationship fails.

Adele, as a songwriter, often makes use of beautiful figurative language and this is clear in the poignant lyric “set fire to the rain”. The metaphor perfectly describes the amount of courage and bravery it took for her to confront the problem and end the relationship.

Personally, I think “fire” signifies the anger that she feels and “rain” symbolises her tears and her heartache over this broken relationship. She seems to feel that the breakup will be easier to deal with if she is angry rather than sad, that’s why she needs to set the rain (or her tears) on fire. She doesn’t want to be sad, she wants to be angry.

Of course, this is open to interpretation. Similar to poetry or literature, the lyrics to a song are often interpreted differently by different people. That’s is the beauty of art. 

Set Fire to the Rain Meaning in other Languages

Set Fire to the Rain Meaning in German “Set fire to the rain” ist ein Liedtext aus dem Refrain des Songs “Set fire to the rain” der Sängerin Adele.
In diesem Lied geht es darum, sich aus einer instabilen oder toxischen Beziehung zu befreien, einer Beziehung, die mehr schadet als nützt. Es geht um Befreiung, den Umgang mit einer Trennung und den Versuch, nach dem Scheitern einer Beziehung weiterzumachen.
Set Fire to the Rain Meaning in Spanish“Set fire to the rain” es una letra del estribillo de la canción “Set fire to the rain” de la cantante Adele.
Esta canción trata de liberarse de una relación inestable o tóxica, una relación que está haciendo más daño que bien. Trata de la liberación, de cómo afrontar una ruptura y de cómo intentar seguir adelante después de que la relación fracase.
Set Fire to the Rain Meaning in Portuguese“Pôr fogo à chuva” é uma letra do refrão da canção da cantora Adele “Pôr fogo à chuva”.
Esta canção tem tudo a ver com a libertação de uma relação instável ou tóxica, uma relação que está a fazer mais mal do que bem. Trata-se de libertação, de como lidar com uma separação e de tentar seguir em frente depois de a relação falhar.
Set Fire to the Rain Meaning in French“Set fire to the rain” est une parole du refrain de la chanson “Set fire to the rain” de la chanteuse Adele.
Cette chanson parle de se libérer d’une relation instable ou toxique, une relation qui fait plus de mal que de bien. Elle parle de libération, de la façon de gérer une rupture et d’essayer d’aller de l’avant après l’échec de la relation.
Set Fire to the Rain Meaning in Italian“Set fire to the rain” è un testo del ritornello della canzone “Set fire to the rain” della cantante Adele.
Questa canzone parla di come liberarsi da una relazione instabile o tossica, una relazione che sta facendo più male che bene. Parla di liberazione, di come affrontare una rottura e di come cercare di andare avanti dopo il fallimento della relazione.
Set Fire to the Rain Meaning in Chinese“Set fire to the rain “是歌手阿黛尔的歌曲《Set fire to the rain》副歌中的一句歌词。

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Higson Braga
3 years ago

For a Brazilian guy “set fire to the rain” idiom didn’t make sense until now. I agree with your interpretation. Thank u so much