Free Stock Phrases List (Films and Stock Market)


Stock Phrase Meaning

Stock phrase has two distinct meanings. One of them is connected to films and TV series, while the other is about the stock market. In this article, I will show you Stock Phrases list from Films and TV series and from Stock Market.

1. Stock Phrase First Meaning

First, let’s go over the meaning of a stock phrase in films and TV series. When a character uses a phrase very often it becomes their stock phrase. It’s almost like a cliché, but the phrase becomes connected to that character. It can also be connected to a whole genre of films or TV series.

English uk flagWhen a character uses a phrase very often it becomes their stock phrase
Spanishspain flagComprar barato, vender caro
Frenchfrance flagAcheter à bas prix, vendre à haut prix
Italianitaly flagCompra basso, vendi alto
Germangermany flagWenn ein Charakter eine Phrase sehr oft verwendet, wird sie zu seiner Standardphrase
Portugueseportugal flagQuando um personagem usa uma frase muito frequentemente, esta torna-se a sua frase de stock
Russianrussian flagКогда персонаж использует фразу очень часто, она становится его словосочетанием.
Chinesechina flag当一个角色经常使用一个短语时,它就会成为他们的常用语。
Japanesejapan flag頻繁に使うとストックフレーズになる
Polishpoland flagKiedy postać używa jakiegoś wyrażenia bardzo często, staje się ono jej sztandarowym wyrażeniem

It’s important to note that a stock phrase is repeated often, so famous one-liner quotes from films and TV series are not stock phrases. “I’ll be back,” from Terminator 2 or “Are you talking to me,” from Taxi Driver are not stock phrases. So, remember that a stock phrase is only something repeated often, so it’s more like a catchphrase than a one-liner.

Even people you meet in life can have a stock phrase.

2. Stock Phrase Second Meaning

The second meaning of the stock phrase is a lot simpler. A stock phrase can mean phrases connected to the stock market and stocks in general. 

English uk flagA stock phrase can mean phrases connected to the stock market and stocks in general. 
Spanishspain flagUna frase bursátil puede significar frases relacionadas con el mercado de valores y las acciones en general.
Frenchfrance flagUne expression boursière peut signifier des expressions liées au marché boursier et aux actions en général.
Italianitaly flagUna frase di stock può significare frasi legate al mercato azionario e alle azioni in generale.
Germangermany flagEine Aktienphrase kann Phrasen bedeuten, die mit dem Aktienmarkt und Aktien im Allgemeinen zu tun haben.
Portugueseportugal flagUma frase de acções pode significar frases ligadas ao mercado de acções e acções em geral.
Russianrussian flagФраза “акции” может означать фразы, связанные с фондовым рынком и акциями в целом.
Chinesechina flag股票短语可以指与股市和一般股票有关的短语。
Japanesejapan flag株式のフレーズは、一般的に株式市場や株式に接続されたフレーズを意味することができます。
Polishpoland flagZwrot giełdowy może oznaczać zwroty związane z giełdą i akcjami w ogóle.

And that’s it. Now we’ll go over a list of some film and TV series stock phrases, as well as stock phrases from the stock market. 

Stock Phrase List from Films and TV

Did I do that? – Steven Urkel from Family Matters

I didn’t do it! – Bart Simpson from The Simpsons

Alright, alright, alright. – David Wooderson in Dazed and Confused 

That’s all folks! – Porky Pig from Looney Tunes

We have to talk. – most popularly used by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City 

I don’t kill. – Batman in every movie and TV series he appeared in

Money or lead? – Pablo Escobar in Narcos

Don’t cross the streams. – Each member of the Ghostbusters in Ghostbusters 1 and 2

English uk flagDon’t cross the streams.
Spanishspain flagNo cruces los arroyos.
Frenchfrance flagNe traversez pas les cours d’eau.
Italianitaly flagNon attraversare i ruscelli.
Germangermany flagÜberqueren Sie die Bäche nicht.
Portugueseportugal flagNão atravessar os cursos de água.
Russianrussian flagНе пересекай ручьи.
Chinesechina flag不要过河。
Japanesejapan flag流れを渡るな
Polishpoland flagNie przekraczaj strumieni.

The dog ate my homework. – many coming of age movies and series, made popular by Bart Simpson 

You killed my father. – used in so many films and TV series but made popular by William Shakespeare in his dramas

You are a tall drink of water. – means that someone is very handsome, and it appeared in a lot of movies and TV series, maybe most popular in Tangled

English uk flagYou are a tall drink of water means that someone is very handsome
Spanishspain flagEs un trago de agua alto significa que alguien es muy guapo
Frenchfrance flagVous êtes un grand verre d’eau signifie que quelqu’un est très beau
Italianitaly flagSei un alto bicchiere d’acqua significa che qualcuno è molto bello
Germangermany flagSie sind ein großer Schluck Wasser bedeutet, dass jemand sehr gut aussehend ist
Portugueseportugal flagÉ uma bebida alta de água significa que alguém é muito bonito
Russianrussian flagТы высокий напиток воды означает, что кто-то очень симпатичный.
Chinesechina flag你是一个高大的喝水的人,意味着一个人很帅气
Japanesejapan flagあなたが水を飲む背の高い人は、誰かが非常にハンサムであることを意味します。
Polishpoland flagJesteś wysoki napój wody oznacza, że ktoś jest bardzo przystojny

What’s in it for me? – made famous by gangster movie, maybe most popular in The Godfather 

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. – means to exchange favors, also popular in gangster movies like Donnie Brasco

As you can see stock phrases are easy to remember and are repeated often. They can be connected to one character or even a whole genre of films. Because they are so memorable and repeated writers and directors use them often.

Stock Market Phrases List

Buy low, sell high 

which means that you buy shorted or cheap stock, and then speculate the market to drive the price up. When the price is up you sell the stock and earn money.

English uk flagBuy low, sell high
Spanishspain flagComprar barato, vender caro
Frenchfrance flagAcheter à bas prix, vendre à haut prix
Italianitaly flagCompra basso, vendi alto
Germangermany flagNiedrig kaufen, hoch verkaufen
Portugueseportugal flagComprar baixo, vender alto
Russianrussian flagКупи низко, продай высоко
Chinesechina flag低买高卖
Japanesejapan flag安く買って高く売る
Polishpoland flagKup nisko, sprzedaj wysoko

I got in early 

means to bet on the future of a stock. You bought it early because you saw the potential.

English uk flagI got in early
Spanishspain flagMe metí temprano en
Frenchfrance flagJe suis entré en avance
Italianitaly flagSono entrato presto in
Germangermany flagIch bin früh eingestiegen
Portugueseportugal flagEntrei cedo
Russianrussian flagЯ рано ввязался
Chinesechina flag我很早就进入了
Japanesejapan flagはやいうちに入った
Polishpoland flagDostałem się do wczesnego

The trend is your friend 

you say this when you are following and investing in a rising stock like many others. A stock is trending when it’s profitable, so you follow that trend. 

English uk flagThe trend is your friend 
Spanishspain flagLa tendencia es tu amiga
Frenchfrance flagLa tendance est votre amie
Italianitaly flagLa tendenza è tua amica
Germangermany flagDer Trend ist dein Freund
Portugueseportugal flagA tendência é o seu amigo
Russianrussian flagТенденция – это твой друг.
Chinesechina flag潮流是你的朋友
Japanesejapan flagトレンドはあなたのお友達
Polishpoland flagTrend jest twoim przyjacielem

Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered

this a phrase used to describe how ruthless the stock market can be. Only predators make money.

English uk flagBulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered
Spanishspain flagLos toros ganan dinero, los osos ganan dinero, los cerdos son sacrificados
Frenchfrance flagLes taureaux gagnent de l’argent, les ours gagnent de l’argent, les porcs sont abattus
Italianitaly flagI tori fanno soldi, gli orsi fanno soldi, i maiali vengono macellati
Germangermany flagBullen machen Geld, Bären machen Geld, Schweine werden geschlachtet
Portugueseportugal flagTouros ganham dinheiro, ursos ganham dinheiro, porcos são abatidos
Russianrussian flagБыки зарабатывают деньги, медведи зарабатывают деньги, свиней убивают.
Chinesechina flag牛市赚钱,熊市赚钱,猪都会被宰杀。
Japanesejapan flag牛は金になる 熊は金になる 豚は屠殺される
Polishpoland flagByki zarabiają pieniądze, niedźwiedzie zarabiają pieniądze, świnie są zabijane

Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule number 1 

is a common saying when you want to illustrate how important it is to always earn more

English uk flagRule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule number 1 
Spanishspain flagRegla nº 1: Nunca pierdas dinero. Regla nº 2: No olvidar nunca la regla nº 1.
Frenchfrance flagRègle n°1 : Ne jamais perdre d’argent. Règle n° 2 : n’oubliez jamais la règle n° 1
Italianitaly flagRegola n.1: Non perdere mai i soldi. Regola n.2: Non dimenticare mai la regola numero 1
Germangermany flagRegel Nr. 1: Verlieren Sie niemals Geld. Regel Nr.2: Vergessen Sie niemals Regel Nr. 1
Portugueseportugal flagRegra No.1: Nunca perder dinheiro. Regra No.2: Nunca esquecer a regra número 1
Russianrussian flagПравило №1: никогда не терять деньги. Правило №2: Никогда не забывайте правило №1.
Chinesechina flag规则一:永远不要输钱。规则二:永远不要忘记规则一。
Japanesejapan flagルールその1:絶対に損をしない ルールその2:ルールその1を忘れない
Polishpoland flagZasada nr 1: Nigdy nie trać pieniędzy. Zasada nr 2: Nigdy nie zapominaj o zasadzie nr 1.

Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.

means that you have to watch your money when others are investing a lot, and invest when others are not. Just take chances, but be careful of others.

English uk flagBe fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.
Spanishspain flagSé temeroso cuando los demás son codiciosos. Sé codicioso cuando otros son temerosos.
Frenchfrance flagAyez peur quand les autres sont avides. Soyez avide lorsque les autres sont craintifs.
Italianitaly flagSiate timorosi quando gli altri sono avidi. Sii avido quando gli altri hanno paura.
Germangermany flagSeien Sie ängstlich, wenn andere gierig sind. Seien Sie gierig, wenn andere ängstlich sind.
Portugueseportugal flagTenha medo quando os outros são gananciosos. Ser ganancioso quando os outros são temerosos.
Russianrussian flagБойся, когда другие жадные. Будь жадным, когда другие боятся.
Chinesechina flag在别人贪婪的时候要有恐惧感 在别人恐惧的时候,要贪婪。
Japanesejapan flag他人が欲張りな時には恐るべし。他人が欲張っているときには欲張りになること。
Polishpoland flagBądź bojaźliwy, gdy inni są chciwi. Bądź chciwy, gdy inni się boją.

Easy money

is a common phrase everywhere, but it was made popular on the stock market. It means that you have made an investment that amazingly easy and got you a lot of money.

English uk flagEasy money
Spanishspain flagDinero fácil
Frenchfrance flagArgent facile
Italianitaly flagSoldi facili
Germangermany flagLeichtes Geld
Portugueseportugal flagDinheiro fácil
Russianrussian flagЛегкие деньги
Chinesechina flag轻松赚钱
Japanesejapan flag簡単にお金を稼ぐ
Polishpoland flagŁatwe pieniądze

Waiting for the pullback

means that you anticipate a stock will rise or fall. So you wait for the price to pull back in a way, so you can manage your future investments accordingly. 

English uk flagWaiting for the pullback
Spanishspain flagEsperando el retroceso
Frenchfrance flagEn attendant le retrait
Italianitaly flagAspettando il pullback
Germangermany flagWarten auf den Pullback
Portugueseportugal flagÀ espera do recuo
Russianrussian flagВ ожидании отступления
Chinesechina flag等待回调
Japanesejapan flagプルバックを待つ
Polishpoland flagCzekamy na pullback

When the tide goes out, you see who is swimming naked

which means that after investments have played out you will see who did well and who did not. Those who swim naked didn’t do well.

English uk flagWhen the tide goes out, you see who is swimming naked
Spanishspain flagCuando la marea baja, se ve quién está nadando desnudo
Frenchfrance flagQuand la marée descend, vous voyez qui nage nu
Italianitaly flagQuando la marea va via, si vede chi nuota nudo
Germangermany flagWenn die Flut ausläuft, sieht man, wer nackt schwimmt
Portugueseportugal flagQuando a maré se apaga, vê-se quem está a nadar nu
Russianrussian flagКогда прилив уходит, ты видишь, кто плавает голышом.
Chinesechina flag潮水退去,你看谁在裸泳?
Japanesejapan flag潮が出れば裸で泳いでいる人が見える
Polishpoland flagKiedy odpływa fala, widzisz, kto pływa nago.

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