Facebooking Definition & FCBK Meaning


Facebooking Definition

Facebooking means to put something up on Facebook, like a status, picture, video link, or share a post. The verb facebooking comes from scrapbooking, which means to make your own scrapbook with pictures and notes.

Scrapbooks were used before the internet, and served as a collection of memories. It was a combination of pictures, notes, and various things of sentimental value. With the launch of Facebook this type of memory collection has moved to the internet.

You can do facebooking just like you would scrapbooking. Anything can be posted on Facebook, and memories are kept alive and remembered online.

Fcbk Meaning

Fcbk is an abbreviation for Facebook. When messaging and trying to keep the message brief it’s common to use abbreviations. Fcbk is one of the way to make typing Facebook faster.

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