Other ways to say You are my One and Only!


We use one and only when we want to express how important a person is to us. That is one of the most common uses, along with some others that are literal. “You are my one and only” is an expression of love. 

However, “one and only” also has a literal meaning. When something or someone is unique, and there is nothing or no one like it, then it’s the “one and only.”

Let’s first go over the literal meanings and synonyms to get a better idea about how we can use one and only in different ways too. 

Most common synonyms for One and Only

  • unique / separate / exquisite / special / exclusive / sole / incomparable / unparalleled / on its own / isolated / once in a life time / unrivaled / one / peerless / unmatched / unrivaled / inimitable

They all have the same meaning. These are all complete synonyms for one and only, and when we use them it all depends on the context of the sentence. 

So let’s go over some examples:

  1. She has such a unique voice. I haven’t heard anyone sing like that in years. 
  2. This new network adapter is unrivaled on the market.
  3. We have an exclusive offer for you since you’re our best client. 
  4. I really do love Amy, but Claire was special.
  5. You can’t just say his writing is like Blake. Blake is unparalleled in his poetry. 
  6. Honey, we have to buy this car now. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

All of these sentences have the same, or similar meaning, but their contexts are completely different. Any of these synonyms will always mean one and only, but it all depends on what that one and the only thing is. It’s important to remember when using any of these that you are drawing attention to the fact of how special something or someone is. 

You are my One and Only

When you tell someone that they are your one and only you mean that you truly love them. They are the one and only people you love in that way. It also describes how special someone is, but it is absolutely connected to a form of love. 

There are many forms of love, so let’s go over some examples:

  1. You’re my one and only love. I don’t know how I can live without you.
  2. Damien is my best friend. My one and only true friend.
  3. He’s my one and only brother. I will always protect him.

When telling someone they are your one and only this can mean you love them as a friend, a partner, brother or sister or a family member. They are connected by a strong feeling of love. It doesn’t have to be a romantic feeling.

The most common use is when talking about romantic love. There are multiple synonyms for the expression “you’re my one and only.”

Other Ways to say You are my One and Only

Here are a couple of the most common ones:

  • you’re my everything / you complete me / I love you the most / I adore you / I would be lost without you / I’m nothing without you / one of a kind / only one / one in the world / one of its kind

All of these synonyms are used to express how much a person means to you. How much you love them. When romantic love is involved you can’t go wrong with using any of them. 

One and Only in Spanish

Utilizamos “one and only” cuando queremos expresar lo importante que es una persona para nosotros. “You are my one and only” es una expresión de amor.

Sinónimos de Único

único / separado / exquisito / especial / exclusivo / único / incomparable / sin parangón / por sí solo / aislado / una vez en la vida / sin parangón / único / sin parangón / sin rival

Otras formas de decir que eres mi único

eres mi todo / me completas / te quiero más / te adoro / estaría perdido sin ti / no soy nada sin ti / único / uno en el mundo / único en su especie

One and Only in French

Nous utilisons “one and only” lorsque nous voulons exprimer l’importance d’une personne pour nous. “Tu es mon seul et unique” est une expression d’amour.

Synonymes de One and Only

unique / séparé / exquis / spécial / exclusif / unique / incomparable / inégalé / à part / isolé / une fois dans la vie / incomparable / unique / sans égal / inégalé

Autres façons de dire que tu es mon seul et unique

tu es mon tout / tu me complètes / je t’aime le plus / je t’adore / je serais perdu sans toi / je ne suis rien sans toi / unique / seul / unique au monde / unique en son genre

One and Only in Italian

Usiamo “solo ed unico” quando vogliamo esprimere quanto una persona sia importante per noi. “Tu sei il mio unico e solo” è un’espressione d’amore.

Sinonimi per Unico e solo

unico / separato / squisito / speciale / esclusivo / unico / incomparabile / ineguagliabile / da solo / isolato / una volta nella vita / impareggiabile / uno / senza pari / ineguagliabile

Altri modi per dire che sei il mio unico e solo

sei il mio tutto / mi completi / ti amo più di tutti / ti adoro / sarei perso senza di te / non sono niente senza di te / unico nel suo genere / unico / unico al mondo / unico nel suo genere

One and Only in German

Wir verwenden “one and only”, wenn wir ausdrücken wollen, wie wichtig uns eine Person ist. “Du bist mein Ein und Alles” ist ein Ausdruck der Liebe.

Synonyme für ein und dasselbe

einzigartig / getrennt / exquisit / besonders / exklusiv / allein / unvergleichlich / allein / isoliert / einmalig / konkurrenzlos / eins / unvergleichlich / unvergleichlich / konkurrenzlos

Andere Möglichkeiten zu sagen, du bist mein Ein und Alles

du bist mein Ein und Alles / du vervollständigst mich / ich liebe dich am meisten / ich bete dich an / ohne dich wäre ich verloren / ohne dich bin ich nichts / einmalig / nur einer / einer auf der Welt / einer seiner Art

One and Only in Portuguese

Usamos “um e só” quando queremos expressar a importância que uma pessoa tem para nós. “Tu és o meu único e único” é uma expressão de amor.

Sinónimos para “Um e só”.

único / separado / requintado / especial / exclusivo / único / incomparável / inigualável / por si só / isolado / uma vez na vida / inigualável / único / inigualável / inigualável / inigualável

Outras formas de dizer que és a minha única e única

és o meu tudo / completas-me / mais te amo / mais te adoro / estaria perdido sem ti / não sou nada sem ti / único no mundo / único no mundo / único no seu género

One and Only in Russian

Мы используем “единственный и неповторимый”, когда хотим выразить, насколько важен для нас человек. “Ты мой единственный и неповторимый” – это выражение любви.

Синонимы для “единственный и неповторимый

уникальный / отдельный / изысканный / особенный / эксклюзивный / единственный / несравненный / беспримерный / изолированный / единственный раз в жизни / непревзойденный / единственный / несравненный / непревзойденный

Другие способы сказать, что ты мой единственный и неповторимый

ты – мое все / ты дополняешь меня / я люблю тебя больше всех / я обожаю тебя / я бы пропал без тебя / я ничто без тебя / единственный в своем роде / только один / один в мире

One and Only in Hungarian

Az “egy és egyetlen” kifejezést akkor használjuk, amikor ki akarjuk fejezni, hogy mennyire fontos számunkra egy személy. “Te vagy az én egyetlenem” a szeretet kifejezése.

A One and Only szinonimái

egyedi / különálló / kiváló / különleges / exkluzív / egyedüli / összehasonlíthatatlan / páratlan / egyedül / elszigetelt / egyszer az életben / páratlan / egyedülálló / egy / páratlan / páratlan / páratlan / páratlan / páratlan

Más kifejezések arra, hogy te vagy az én egyetlenem

te vagy a mindenem / te teszel teljessé / téged szeretlek a legjobban / téged imádlak / nélküled elveszett lennék / nélküled semmi vagyok / egy a sok közül / csak egy / egy a világon / egy a maga nemében / egy a maga nemében

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2 years ago

“You are my one and only” in persian:

«تو یک یدونه ی منی»

Rick Gilbert
Rick Gilbert
Reply to  Amina
2 years ago

Wow. I am honored. That’s a nice feeling