Parts of a House & Rooms in a House (list)


parts of a house

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Parts of a House:

1. Chimney

If you have a fireplace, you probably also have a _____ so that the smoke can escape from your house.

2. Heater

What machine or system is used to warm up your house in the winter?

3. Air conditioner

How about to cool down your house in the summer?

4. Ceiling fan

This device used to cool down a room is typically found on ceilings.

5. Fire escape

If you live an apartment, you might find this set of ladders and platforms on the exterior of your building for emergencies.

6. Elevator

If you live an apartment, you might also use this to reach high floors instead of the stairs.

7. Den

This is a term for a small, comfortable room where you can do activities like read or watch TV in private.

8. Mudroom

This is a small room or entryway where you can remove your shoes before entering the house.

9. Powder room

What do you call a bathroom without a bathtub or shower?

10. Basement

What do you call the underground level of a house?

11. Attic

How about the highest level of a house, which is usually used for storage?

12. Vestibule / foyer

This is an antechamber, hall, or lobby you can enter before getting to the actual entrance of some houses.

13. Radiator

This a type of heater consisting of a tank and metal pipes located at the side of a room.

14. Roof

What do you call the outer layer found on the very top of a house?

15. Roof tiles

How about the individual pieces used to make the roof?

16. House plant

This is a general name for a plant found indoors.

17. Hallway

If you live in an apartment or a dormitory, you’ll have to pass through this corridor before you reach your front door.

18. Buzzer

People will need to ring this if they want to contact someone in an apartment.

19. Poster

You might have a _____ of your favorite band or artist posted on your wall, especially if you live in a dorm.

Rooms in a house:

1. Bedroom

2. Office /study

3. Living roomΒ 

4. Bathroom

5. Kitchen

6. Dining room

7. Front entrance

8. Garden

9. Laundry room

+ 10.Β 30 Housekeeping Duties

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