business english phrases for meetings

Useful English Phrases For Running A Business Meeting

usiness English phrases for meetings. Meetings play a very big part in the business world. During meetings, important decisions are made, people are promoted, demoted, hired or even fired! The future of companies is predicted, business tactics are analysed, competitors are targeted and strategies are planned. A lot of time is spent organising, attending, hosting […]

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Interesting Topics To Talk About in English Conversation Class

I’m going to share only the most interesting questions and topics to talk about in your class. I’ve selected them based on our facebook fans engagement rate, which means your students will enjoy these questions/topics too. Post by Post by Post by Post by Post by Post by Post by […]

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What Happens if You Don't Drink Enough Water Daily

What Happens if You Don’t Drink Enough Water Daily? [Video]

My main goal with this lesson is to answer your question “What Happens if You Don’t Drink Enough Water Daily?” + to highlight and explain words you can use in your everyday conversations. Transcript: Every living organism we know of requires water to survive. It’s part of the reason we look so feverishly for water on other […]

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